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We wanted to provide you with a resource for buying or selling your next home. Below are an assortment of articles and tips for buyers and sellers. For quick navigation, use the Quick Links at right.

For more detailed information related to buying, visit our Buyer's Info page.

For more detailed information related to selling, visit our Seller's Info page.

Mover's Guide:
An online resource for changing your mailing address, utilities and more.

Moving Checklist:

1. Send change of address cards to: Post Office, Charge Accounts, Subscriptions, Friends, Relatives
2. Make arrangements with moving company
3. Disconnect utilities, get refund for any deposits made and advise where final bills are to be sent: Water, Electric, Gas, Telephone, Fuel, Trash Removal
4. Cancel deliveries: Milk, Newspapers, Other
5. Transfer memberships: Church, Clubs, Civic Organizations
6. Check with insurance agent on coverage of life, car and household goods in route to new home
7. Obtain school records for children
8. Obtain birth and baptismal records for all family members
9. Obtain medical records
10. Obtain legal records
11. Check to see if your Will must be rewritten when moving across state lines
12. Veterans notify your draft board or VA office
13. Transfer bank accounts: Checking, Savings, Safe Deposit Box
14. Have bank recommend affiliate in new city

Before you choose a Realtor, think about this…

• Ask for the Realtor's credentials and how they affect you as a seller.
How many homes has the agents sold in your area? Carriage Realty specializes in Washington County and the surrounding areas. Many of our agents are licensed in MN and WI. Make sure that your agent knows your selling area.
Is the compensation rate negotiable? Real estate fees are always negotiable. Carriage Realty does not charge as much as the big national chains but is also not a discount Broker. We provide full real estate service at a reasonable fee.
Is the Realtor willing to put their sales strategy in writing? The agent should not only have a sales strategy but implement and stand behind it.
Are there any other fees that I will be charged by your company? There are many fees associated with selling your home. However, many real estate companies will reduce their compensation rate only to charge you’re an additional administrative or broker fee.
Research the agents status with the Dept of Commerce Check to see if your Realtor has had any or enforcement actions or violations against thier licence.
Get The Home Buyer's & Seller’s Handbook from the office of MN Attorney General Mike Hatch (FREE)